August 21, 2015

Katrina +Devon’s Dreamy Hillside Lodge Wedding

A couple of weeks ago we had the privilege to shoot the wedding of Katrina and Devon, who were up for anything. We had all aspects of weather and some serious mosquitos to dodge, but managed to capture every moment with these two right at the perfect time, although we did not manage to out run the mosquitos at magic hour! This wedding took place at the beautiful Hillside Lodge & Chalets in Golden BC, which is fast becoming a popular wedding venue because of the rustic woodsy feel, and the easiness of the lodge owners.

Hillside Lodge Weddings in Golden BC 

Stephanie and Mark Chomiak are the wonderful owners of Hillside Lodge and are easy to work with and so accommodating to all their guests and vendors!

We were able to go for a little adventure with Katrina and Devon to a magical little spot. Surrounded by the magnificent Purcell and Rocky mountains, together with the moodiness of the clouds that day, it felt as if we were setting a scene for a love story in the Scottish Highlands. We have been blessed with many amazing couples but these two were especially fun to work with. The reception took place in the barn during the most golden light, decorated simply and elegantly. I don’t often get teary eyed during reception speeches but there were definitely some moving moments during this one. The true love this couple have for each other was so apparent at all times, so relaxed and having fun together. Sometimes we get so busy trying to capture the moments that we don’t get to appreciate them until later when culling the images, but I remember so many from this particular wedding. Right in the midst of the reception we kidnapped them again for a few shots during sun down. I will say that if only it were as easy to eliminate mosquitos in real life as it is in photoshop that would be something! After seeing the images when going through them, I could not help but feel like these two were made of steel for all the mosquitos that were surrounding them haha! I could prattle on so much more but enough already, here are some of the moments from Katrina and Devon’s day.

bride and groom get married lakeside at hillside lodge with lolo and noa wedding photographers


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