June 1, 2018

Emerald Lake Connection Session

Last week we had the pleasure of shooting an Emerald Lake connection session with one of this summer’s wedding couples.  Ross + Kim are getting married in August at Kicking Horse Resort in Golden BC, and as with most of our couples we like to get to know them before hand and get them comfortable with us before the big day. We had a ton of fun with these two, they were quite adventurous and were even willing to venture out to sketchy rocky areas that we were not willing to let them go!  We were able to go to quite a few beautiful locations , and to our delight the lake had just thawed from the winter and was that beautiful Emerald colour it is named for.

A connection session is such a great way for our couples to, well… connect hahah, and for us to squash their fears of being awkward in front of the camera. Almost everyone says they are not photogenic or feel awkward with a lens pointed at them, hey.. so do we! but with enough trust and a little gentle coaching, our couples always end up looking like they don’t have a care in the world and were ready for a full editorial spread. Part of our job is to make us all feel at ease, and we want to get to know you so that when your big day comes you  are able to almost just think of us as a a couple of guests with a camera.

More reasons to book your wedding day with us that includes a connection session?

We get to see what works for you and what doesn’t .

You get some beautiful images that are set apart from your wedding images, and for you to remember this time in your lives.

Its kind of like being on a date with your significant other and the special moments get documented.

Much Love.

Lois + Noa


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