October 14, 2015

Golden BC’s Pretty Flour Cakes & Desserts

Everyone in town knows her. Every Wednesday & Saturday in the summer months, a line of people forms at her beautifully vintage decorated farmer’s market tent downtown, in hopes to snag one (or half a dozen!) of her deliciously flavoured Cupcakes, or shimmering, pink frosted, home made doughnuts. Not only is she an incredible baker, she’s an extremely talented painter, she crafts & sews like nobody’s business, she’s a seriously bad ass skier (and snowboarder), an absolutely gorgeous human, and super-mom to her 2 young children, Betty & Bowin. We decided to take her kitchen hostage, and spend an afternoon in her beautiful home while she decorated a 3 tier cake for an Emerald Lake wedding the following day. Here’s A little peek into the sweet life of the lovely & mega talented, Jayne Baun. Artist & creative force behind Pretty Flour cakes & Desserts in Golden, BC

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How long have you been making cakes at Pretty Flour Cakes and Desserts?

I have been baking for as long as I can remember with my mom. She let me explore and experiment, even when the mess and waste I created likely gave her a headache. She was nothing but encouraging. My mom allowed my brother, sister and I to express & embrace our creativity, and I am forever indebted to her for that gift. As for wedding cakes, it’s been almost 5 years and I began out of the need to create a small income at home while I raise my babies.

PrettyFlourCakes-5 jayne baun of pretty flour cakes and desserts puts on her apron and gets ready to bake something delish in her kitchen PrettyFlourCakes-7 PrettyFlourCakes-8 PrettyFlourCakes-8A

What sparked your interest & passion to create wedding cakes and Pretty Flour?

When I saw a market for wedding services developing in Golden, I tried to think of ways to put my creativity to work for me and baking seemed like a good avenue. I gave it a whirl and found I really enjoyed working with couples and being a small part of their special days, as well as the creative and physical process of making a beautiful cake.

PrettyFlourCakes-9 PrettyFlourCakes-9A pretty flour cakes and desserts baker jayne baun mixes some cake batter in her kitchen PrettyFlourCakes-11

What & who inspires you?

I am inspired by people brave enough to  be artists and nothing more, those who devote themselves to creating and expressing themselves and trust that a living will come to them through their genuine devotion to sharing beauty. It is all I ever hope to become.

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Tell us what feeling you hope to evoke in your clients when they receive their cake

I always hope they are happy of course, but beyond that I want them to feel like their cake speaks for them and their characters. It’s always nice to try exceed expectations too!

PrettyFlourCakes-18 PrettyFlourCakes-19 PrettyFlourCakes-20 PrettyFlourCakes-21

Is there any particular memory or story you would like to share for Pretty Cakes fans?

I made cupcakes for a friend who held a small concert in her home. I attended and as I watched the musicians play I couldn’t help wishing I was more devoted to my painting and drawing, to evoke the kind of emotions in others that they where evoking in me with their beautiful talents. At the set break everyone ate the cupcakes, and watching the reactions of people enjoying the cupcakes made me realize that there is an art to baking that you can give a person an experience with. I realized that creating is creating, no matter what the medium, and that I was still living as an artist. It gave me a tremendous amount of joy.


Do you plan to expand your cakes and desserts business ?

As far as expansion goes I am happy where I am, with my kids being my first priority. As for the future, it always remains to be told. I will continue to expand as an artist and that is as much as I know now.

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Where’s the Coolest place one of your clients have come from?

Most of my clients are from BC and Alberta, and I’ve had some from the states and recived phone calls from Australia. I had the honour of making a chocolate cake for Bernard Callebaut a few years back. I didn’t know it was for him while I was making it, and for that I am thankful as I think I would have been paralyzed with nerves.

PrettyFlourCakes-30 PrettyFlourCakes-31

Golden is fast becoming a hot wedding destination. Why do you think that is ?

 Golden is an amazing destination for a wedding. It’s beautiful, rustic and exotic in its own way. The venues are stunning, and their owners are unbelievably kind, helpful and welcoming. The wedding vendors here are professional and really, really good at what they do. You get the comfort and warmth of a small town with the assests, beauty and professionalism of a world class resort. Golden’s surrounding mountains are also just an unbelievable backdrop for a celebration.


Jayne, Thank you so much for being wonderful you, and for bringing so much beauty to our sweet little community of Golden BC! And thank you for letting us hang out in your kitchen and take a bajillion photos of you. I swear, we could photograph cakes for ever and ever! Golden truly adores you.



Cake credentials:

Pretty Flour cakes

  Bottom Tier – Red Velvet with Chocolate Ganache & Cream Cheese Icing

      Middle Tier – Lemon Cake with Raspberries & White Chocolate Buttercream Icing

Top Tier – Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing


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