September 15, 2021

Victoria BC Beach Elopement | Matt & Georgia

This Victoria BC Beach Elopement with our good friends Matt & Georgia was freaking incredible!

Bride adjusts grooms collar while the couple get ready together before their Victoria BC beach elopement

Slightly postponed Victoria BC Beach Elopement!

Unfortunately, covid hit, and Georgia & Matt’s dream wedding day came & went as they, nor any of their family, were able to travel abroad. Like so many others, they postponed their wedding to the following April, and let it go. As October rolled around, and covid numbers began to rise again, and borders around the world closed to travellers once again, Georgia called me and told me she was pregnant! Obviously I was thrilled for them, and another month later, we chatted again and she said it wasn’t looking good for them to go home to Australia in April to get married, and she had a beautiful dress that she probably wouldn’t fit into much longer. While she put on a strong face, I knew she was utterly devastated that their wedding was to be postponed yet again. I had made a move from Golden to the island the previous month, and she mentioned the idea of driving out to Victoria to secretly elope in a small, oceanside ceremony, and if we’d be open to shooting it for them. Of course I said yes. I was completely honoured!

Originally, we were planning to do the ceremony on the 5th of January, the day after they arrived in Victoria, but the weather was awful! It was the wettest, windiest day and thankfully, the fabulous marriage commissioner Susan, the videographer, Lily Ventures, and myself, were all able to push it by a day. Miraculously, the weather turned out to be absolutely perfect. It’s amazing how unpredictable and all over the place the winter weather in Victoria can be!

It was time for these two to elope on the beach in Victoria!

Matt & Georgia have been long-time friend’s of ours from Golden BC. We first met the lovely Georgia when she modelled for us back in 2015 at a lifestyle shoot for our friend’s store, herPublic, in Invermere BC. We gelled incredibly easily with her carefree nature and gentle spirit, and since then have been come dear friend’s over the years. Matt has the same demeanour. He is calm, quiet, gentle and kind. These two are honestly the perfect couple and when Matt proposed, all of their friends were over the moon happy for them.

couple waits outside Dashwood Manor for a car to pick them up to take them to their Victoria BC beach elopement
Bride put her earrings on at Dashwood Manor before her Vancouver Island beach elopement
Bride put her dress on at Dashwood Manor before her Victoria BC beach elopement

Their plan was to get married in Western Australia in April of 2020, in a simple and intimate ceremony on the Esperance farm where she grew up. When she sent me an image of her dress, the elegant & classy Lola Varma Giadi gown, I could so easily visualize her wedding day.

So they did it. They drove the11 hrs from Golden to Vancouver Island on January 4th 2021, and they got ready together in a beautiful room at Dashwood Manor. A charming, heritage Bed & breakfast at the end of Cook St on Dallas road, in Victoria BC.

Bride & Groom get ready together at Dashwood Manor before their Vancouver Island beach elopement

Matt & Georgia Got Ready Together. Our dream!

There is something so incredibly special and intimate about a couple who gets ready together before their ceremony. This is highly encouraged by us for elopements. It’s so authentic and simply beautiful.

Groom Zips up brides dress as they get ready together before their Vancouver Island beach elopement
Bride & Groom exchange vows during their Vancouver Island beach elopement
Bride & Groom exchange vows during their oceanside elopement in Victoria BC
Bride & Groom exchange vows during their Vancouver Island beach elopement

I had scoured the coastline of Greater Victoria to find the perfect, quiet location for a simple ceremony and some photos. Because if this unpredictable West Coast weather, It was important that I find something with shelter in the case that it down-poured on us. A friend recommended Finnerty Cove. I went and had a look about a week before the wedding, and it was absolutely perfect. There was a sweet little gazebo a few steps away if we needed to take cover, a beautiful spot overlooking the ocean for the ceremony, and a lovely little beach for a few shots after the ceremony.

Bride & Groom photos at Finnerty Cove beach after their elopement in Victoria BC

It was super important for Georgia to have a piece of Australia with her on her wedding day. She wore classic R.M Williams Australian boots while Matt sported these great kangaroo socks!

Two of their friends who live in Victoria, and who were also witnessed to the marriage, set up the best charcuterie platter, cake and chilled champagne while we took a few post-ceremony photos.

After spending a few hrs on the beach, we ended up in the heart of Victoria’s Chinatown in Fan Tan alley for some contrasting urban photos. I love all the charming little alleyways in downtown Vic!

Matt & Georgia, we absolutely love you. Thank you for letting us be part of this. I cannot explain how fabulous it is to have the opportunity to shoot a dear friend’s wedding. Another milestone in our friendship. I cannot wait to photograph your beautiful pregnant belly next! xoxox

Couple walks down Fantan Alley with big smiles after their Victoria BC beach elopement
Bride & groom cross the street in chinatown downtown Victoria BC after their brach elopement

Let’s Work Together!

If you’re looking to elope on the beach (or anywhere else) in Victoria, BC, hit us up! We’d love to hear your story and have the opportunity to work together!

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